Friday, November 19, 2010

lost and found!

first one out of the gate - a favorite of mine!
congratulations to Julie from Maryland, who has the distinguished honor of being the first person to purchase buttons from my etsy shop!  i may or may not have mentioned this a few months back, but i have a HUGE button stash that i could never use up during my natural life.  they're mostly vintage, and there's a wide range of colors, styles, sizes - i have literally spent hours upon hours combing through my button stash, and every time i find exciting, new buttons i'd somehow never noticed before. 

at any rate, i've been quietly (or not-so-quietly) listing them in my etsy shop these past few weeks, and now the word is out.  i'll be listing more found buttons each week, so keep checking back! 

and if i haven't mentioned it before, the awesome graphics for my new button-y venture have been generously provided by (a different) Julie of Rotten Cupcakes!

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