Thursday, February 17, 2011

Denizen of the Couch

It's all about strength in numbers - and I'm happy to report that cats and monsters can, in fact, be friends.

Dani, the denizen of the couch, enjoys hanging out with Robin and Tilly.  She's a very snuggly monster.

Yarn:  Lorna's Laces Revelation in Humboldt
Needles: US #9
Pattern:  Frances the Charismatic Monster by Rebecca Danger

As you can see, she's made herself right at home.

I should probably mention why Robin is sporting his stylish blue Elizabethan collar.  He's been having some mysterious skin issues of late which have made his ears and face particularly dry and irritated.  After yet another visit to the vet and several super-fun (and expensive!) tests, we have determined that it is either an allergic reaction to a flea bite, or some sort of infection.  Our little trooper gets to take an antibiotic and some antihistimines in addition to his daily dose of famotidine (also known as Pepcid AC).  To help his skin heal, we're adding fish oil to his wet food in the morning (just when I thought it couldn't get stinkier).  Since he wouldn't quit scratching his face, we had to pick up a collar last Friday night - good thing we live near a 24-hour vet clinic!  Through it all, he's been a trooper and is still a happy cat. He loves the gentle face and ear massages I've been giving him. The love he rewards us with makes it all worthwhile.

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