Tuesday, May 3, 2011

File Under: Shameless Self-Promotion

...but it needed to happen.  I would like to cordially - no, personally invite you to be a charter member of The H.B.S. Appreciation Society, my brand-new group on Ravelry.  There's going to be awesome KALs all summer long, special deals for card-carrying members, sneak previews, test-knitting opportunities,  a place to share your fabulous FO photos, and ample opportunities to tell me you love me.  Just kidding about that last part - though I wouldn't stop you if you did, of course. I know, I know - the nerve!  The ego!  Honestly, starting a group essentially for myself seemed more than a tad on the ridiculous side.  But as people have begun knitting some of my patterns from Malabrigo Book 3, it got me thinking how fun it would be to have a  place to organize some official KALs, and the idea mushroomed from there.  Stop by and say hello! 

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