Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Lately, socks seem to languish on the needles.  I'm not sure why - I love knitting them!  And yet, the colorwork socks I started last month have been cryogenically frozen since before TNNA...no real reason, but I just can't seem to progress past the heel turn:
I'm having similar issues of inertia with my toe-up socks. While I love the yarn and the pattern, second sock syndrome - something I've never had to deal with in my seven or so years of sock knitting - has set in. Getting the toe started on sock #2 is my main stumbling block; I'm either too tired or stressed or pressed for time to sit down and work through the cast-on and first few rounds of toe shaping.  Here's #1 - it looks great, right?  If only it had a friend!
Meanwhile, my Narwhal Mittens are also progressing at a glacier-like pace. I started them at the beginning of June (before the colorwork socks but after the toe-up socks, for those of you keeping track) and have yet to proceed to mitten #2. The yarn is amazing, though - a natural brown color contrasting with a hand-dyed goldenrod of Lhasa Wilderness, a bamboo/yak blend.  It's heavenly.
I'm just going to assume that my Color Affection is going to be a slow burner, too.  I'm thrilled that I've made it as far as I have, to be perfectly honest. I'm planning on doing the WestKnits Mystery Shawl KAL that starts on July 15, and while it would be nice to be mostly finished with the shawl that currently resides on my needles, I'm trying hard not to entertain such delusions.
I ordered the yarn for my Color Affection the same night my dad called me to give me the news that Grandpa wasn't doing well; something about a big, stripey shawl knit in The Fibre Company's Canopy Fingering sounded incredibly comforting.  I happened to have a gift certificate to Doodlebug Yarn - all the better to enable my retail therapy.  I'll be using two new colors, Manatee and Conifer, plus an old favorite, Sarsparilla.


  1. Great projects! I wanted to join the Westknits mystery shawl too, but not sure I'll be home in time...

  2. I might start a little late - we'll see if I can get a few more things off the needles before the KAL starts!