Friday, February 8, 2013

FO Friday: Slug-a-Long & Legwarmers

On Tuesday night I put the finishing touches on my slug for the Fresh Stitches Slug-a-Long:
The yarn is a combination of various leftovers in my stash - Organik from the Fibre Company, Cascade 220, and Berrocco Vintage. This was a fun little project that took me only a few hours to complete and it's already found a home with my crafty pal Susan!

I also finished my Spanish Moss Legwarmers from November Knits. I completed the knitting portion at the barista throwdown on Monday night, and then did the sewn bind-off the following evening when I was at home and had access to the instructions, which I always need to reference. I love, love, LOVE the yarn and colorway - The Uncommon Thread's Heavenly Fingering in Zitouni. It's so very luxurious and soft. I'm excited to wear these around my home office with my favorite skirt.

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Have a crafty weekend!

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  1. Awesome projects! My favorite is the slug.

    Here's my FO: