Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spinning Saturday!

The arrival of my first shipment from the Sweet Georgia Fibre Club proved to be the perfect motivation to finish the spinning project that has been on my wheel for several weeks now: some very pretty merino roving I purchased at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS a long time ago. That night, I finished the second single, and then on Thursday afternoon I plied both singles together. I'm still not sure how this happened, but I only have a few inches left over from one of the singles once the plying was complete! What I like about this fiber is how it looks like a grayish-brown from far away:
But when you get closer, you can see that there are lots of heathered colors that blend together to trick the eye from far away:
Before delving into my newest fiber acquisition, I wanted to be sure to spin the custom batt which I purchased at YarnCon earlier this month (I'm not sure if you can request a custom-made batt from the Knitspin etsy shop, but they have plenty of other fibery goodies that are worth checking out).

Originally, my plan was to spin two singles to ply together, but as I was spinning, I thought it might be better to get it all on one bobbin and then navajo ply it. Once I'd gotten through all of the fiber, I changed my mind again and decided to do something I don't typically do with my handspun: let it remain a single-ply. I really love how this turned out - it's the closest I'll probably ever come to spinning an art yarn, too. I think it'll make a fantastic monster, and it's got so much character and texture as-is that I think plying it (with itself or anything else for that matter) is kind of unnecessary.

Now I am happily spinning my Bubble Bath merino + tencel fiber while Tyler is doing the Record Store Day thing this morning!

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