Friday, January 24, 2014

FO Friday: Quick Project Edition

Bonus: got to try out my new
blocking wires!
Happy Friday! I am relieved to be back at home base this week. Taking three separate trips in the span of a month is just too much for me, and I'm looking forward to staying put for a while. Besides being stressful, it's hard to keep up with chores, much less start a bigger fibery project. For instance, I haven't had time to spin in the last few weeks because I couldn't block out enough time to process a large amount of fiber in one sitting. You can bet I'll be dusting off the Ladybug this weekend, though!

Small projects have been the name of the game, consequently. My primary project for the last trip to KC I took ended up being the Serpentinite Scarf by Carol Feller knit with a skein of Fiesta Yarns' La Luz. Since I was substituting in a yarn that had less yardage than what was specified, I knew I'd have to do some modifications going in. What ended up happening is that I only knit one half of the scarf!

The pattern is pretty clever; you knit one half of the scarf, then you work several rows to create the loop before getting back to knitting the second half of the scarf. That may not be the world's greatest explanation, but hopefully you get the gist. Anyway, I
could still pick up and knit the second half of the scarf if I felt like tracking down another skein of this yarn (and hey, maybe I will once things calm down!) - but for now, I'm calling this one done. It actually hangs quite nicely as-is, so I'm happy with my 'lazy girl' mods.

Speaking of 'lazy girl' mods....I know I'd said this was going to be my first-ever beaded projects, but it just wasn't meant to be! I couldn't string them directly onto the yarn because it was too thick, and I didn't feel like tracking down different beads which would work for my purposes. I did try stringing them onto thread which I held with the yarn, but it proved to be overly fussy and frustrating, and I ended up ripping it out.

After that, I was looking for a fun project that I could finish in a day or two, and decided to make my first project from 50 Yards of Fun! I started with the cutie cactus using some destash yarn from my amigurumi bin. I'm looking forward to making lots more adorable critters from this book!

Thanks for stopping by this week - for FO Friday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis blog.

Have a crafty weekend! 


  1. Your scarf looks great as is! It drapes so nicely.

  2. The scarf looks great! I agree, there's probably no need for the other half on your version since this one has a great drape.