Friday, December 5, 2014

FO & Friday Fun

Man, I really wish I could share this week's FO project with you - but alas, it's best if I wait til after they've been gifted. Oh, man, are they cute, though. I apologize for being a total tease, but it's pretty hard to keep this project to myself. Ahem. I'll try harder!

What I can share with you is the first round of items which were already gifted when I went to the salon earlier this week: a robot for my esthetician and a basic black ribbed hat for my stylist.
Afterwards, Tyler and I met up at the Christkindlemarket, our favorite Chicago holiday tradition!
I also finished the first of what I hope will be many Zoom Loom ornaments - I just sewed a finished square into a tree-like shape and then added beads here and there, an idea which randomly popped into my head earlier today. I kind of like how it turned out!
Hope you have a fun & crafty weekend!

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  1. That ornament is so pretty! I've been enjoying reading the Schacht blog full of little zoom loom ornament suggestions, just have not had time to play around with it yet.