Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Where's the Balance?

Let me warn you right now: the original title of this post was The Most Unexciting WIP Wednesday Post Ever, but I decided that no one in their right mind would continue reading after that! There might be a tad of hyperbole in that, but my current WIPs probably are the least exciting to look at as they've ever been.

There's been modest yet virtually unnoticeable progress on the Tunisian scarf, so I'm hoping this photo is at least interesting to look at since you can see the difference between the right side and wrong side fabric pretty clearly:
Meanwhile, there has been major progress on the Lake Michigan Tee since last week: I finished the first sleeve AND knit the panel for the front, so now I am just working on the back: 
And I won't even bore you with that sock that pretty much only gets worked on when I'm riding the train or bus. In short, project monogamy makes for a boring blog and a boring Instagram feed. On the plus side, I don't feel stressed by the number of WIPs I have floating around in the world. But even though I am very excited about aspects of the projects I have in progress, I am starting to get a little less excited about working on them. 

I don't want to start all the things and risk having too many projects which ultimately get neglected and take forever to finish, simply because I lack focus rather than motivation - however, too few projects is proving to be just as challenging due to lack of motivation rather than focus. It's a crafting catch-22! 

I'm thinking that having 4 or 5 WIPS might be the ideal balance for me, not including the long-term projects such as my cozy memories blanket in the count, of course. 

Tell me, how many active WIPs do YOU find ideal? 

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