Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Sensible Knitting

Welcome back to another edition of Stuck on Skinny Yarn. The baby version of the Force Awakens hat is off the needles, but I continue to make slow yet steady progress on the Alegria Hat and Snowflake Cowl - in fact, both will probably be off the needles in a week's time!
The Sensible BFL Socks also grew a few inches since last week: 
In light of finishing a project over the weekend, I decided it was probably ok to start another hat project, so long as it wasn't with fingering weight yarn. This sportweight handspun was calling my name - you might recognize it as the yarn which I used for the yoke of my Pennant Cardigan, spun from a gradient braid of Merino/Silk roving from Fiber Optic Yarns. 
Curiously, I have to cast on for my Liathite Cardigan yet. When I measured my gauge swatches, I was slightly off, and I am still trying to decide if I want to knit another swatch on a different size of needles, or if I want to do a little math and figure out which set of numbers would make the size I want based on the gauge I am actually getting. Either option sounds like a lot of work to me, and I'd really rather engage in brainless knitting for the time being, since I've been working extra hours during the week and things have been extra crazy. Perhaps this weekend I will sit down and figure things out....

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  1. I don't know if sportweight is that different, I'm surprised you didn't go for a bulky weight! All your WIPs are looking great, ans the snowflake cowl is sooo close!