Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WIP Wed: Monotonous Monogamy

Same projects, different week! I haven't been knitting as much since last Wednesday due to two factors: 1) I finally gave in and started playing Pokemon Go, and I've been walking around catching Pokemon and breathing fresh air more than I usually do (and thus my knitting time has been reduced). 2) my parents were in town last weekend and we did a lot of running around the city, but I can't say I did very much knitting along the way.


So, the progress I made on all of my WIPS is marginal at best. I won't bore you with too many of the details, other to say that I noticed a few can't-live-with-them mistakes in the restarted Curl & had to rip back 12 rows, which means that I am basically at the same exact place as last week on that project....and all of my other WIPs are basically in a stasis since last week.

This weekend looks to be very quiet & mellow & (I hope!) full of uninterrupted knitting time. Next week's WIP update should be way more interesting!

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