Friday, April 29, 2011

Can't over-dry, but you can overdye.

Red overdyes - before
Red overdyes - after
I was thrilled to actually have a Sunday off this week - and I don't know if it was the holiday, or just the fact that it was finally not raining outside, but I really had a jones to dye something. I've been wanting to play around with crock pot dyeing, but because I'm paranoid about having dye fumes in our house, had to wait til the weather permitted.  Most of Sunday afternoon was spent on the back porch, tending to my yarns, knitting, and drinking beer - sounds like a perfect day to me!  I used some Jacquard dyes I'd picked up at Blick, a LOT of vinegar, and just a tiny bit of dish soap to make sure the dye got worked through all the skeins.  The yarn in question is stuff from my stash that just isn't my style (read: pink!).  I started out with a couple things I wanted to overdye red - I remember hearing somewhere that a dyer on etsy would overdye skeins of yarn with red if they didn't sell as-is - and then they'd fly out the door!  Turns out that's good advice - I can't wait to knit with these now.

Green overdyes - before
I also did a batch of olive green - and clearly, I got heavy-handed with the vinegar, because these turned out so dark, I had to use the flash to pick up any hint of green.  Luckily, I was hoping for a so-dark-green-it's-almost-black effect - happy accidents are the best kind. 

Green overdyes - after
The rest of the week didn't involve too much knitting time, unfortunately - most of Tuesday was spent running errands (of course, some of those errands involved visiting some new yarn stores in Andersonville!), and Wednesday was more of the same - Tyler had a job interview in the morning, I had a meeting in the afternoon, and on Tuesday night our band shalloboi recorded a live set on WNUR's Airplay (scroll down the page, we're the first band listed under "recent performances").  Somehow, in between all the running around, I did manage to get a good amount of knitting done on Tyler's sweater (V2.0) and I also  finally started the second stalagmite sock, but unfortunately that's all the knitting news I have to report.  I got stuck on the heel for my toe-up sock design and just haven't had enough time to spend figuring out what to do instead - and don't even say the words 'koukla cardigan' to me.  I haven't touched that forlorn sweater in weeks.  Perhaps on the upcoming road trip to Kansas City....

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