Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heliotrope Errata

Over the holiday weekend, a fellow Raveler knitting my Heliotrope Stockings kindly pointed out an error in the stitch count for the largest size.  As a designer who is still learning the ropes, I can't stress enough how much I appreciate everyone's feedback - and I REALLY appreciate it when they're super-cool and do so in a polite, respectful manner (so thanks again to ContinentalKim for being both helpful AND rad!) .  It's always disappointing to find out a mistake or two escaped your notice, but unfortunately, these things happen - and the mathematical side of things has never been my favorite aspect when designing and writing patterns...though I do recognize it's arguably one of the most important areas, and it would be nice if someday we could all be friends. 

So with that long-winded introduction in mind, I'd like to formally announce that I goofed - and that anyone who is knitting the largest size of the Heliotrope Stockings needs to be aware that there is an additional increase row to work on the cuff BEFORE beginning Cable Pattern A.  Below you will find the last few rows to be worked before beginning Cable Pattern A, with the new increase row and stitch count to be worked for the largest size ONLY in bold:
Rnds 14 & 15: P all sts.
Next rnd: increase for cable panel as follows: (K1, kf&b) to end of rnd – 96 (96, 120) sts.
For 9" size only: increase 8 more stitches in the next round as follows: (k14, kf&b) to end of rnd – 128 sts.

This also means that after completing Cable Pattern A, an additional decrease round needs to be inserted prior to decreasing in the pattern as written:

Work Cable Panel A rnds 1-16, then repeat rnds 1-8.
Next round:  For 9" size only:  [k14, k2tog] to end of rnd - 120 sts.
Next round:  For 7” and 9” sizes:  [K1, k2tog] to end of rnd – 64 (80) sts. For 8” size ONLY:  [K2, k2tog] to end of rnd – 72 sts.

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