Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mustachio May, you say??

Remember yesterday when I said there would be KALs in my Ravelry Group?  That was not a's really happening!

I have officially dubbed this month "Mustachio May."  What does that mean for your weekend?  Clearly, that you need to find some mustache-worthy yarn and a quiet afternoon during which to carry on the tradition of our ancestors, who not only knew how to really rock a ‘stache, but did so UNironically.  Therefore,  we must knit as many mustachio nosewarmers as possible and then run around our neighborhoods, libraries, places of work, and so forth, wearing them with pride and snapping several photos to share with the world at large.  Not a member of Ravelry?  You can still knit-a-long with the rest of the gang!  The pattern you need is available here on this very blog (for free!), and you can email your photos to me at honeybee21 at juno dot com - just be sure to write something involving the word "mustache" in the subject line, or I'll assume it's junk mail and delete it!  I'll post your photos of mustachios in the wild on this little bloggy-blog all month long.

Go forth and 'stache.

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