Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Objective: Completion

Room for a few more?
Tomorrow morning, Tyler and I will be driving back to our hometown of Kansas City for my cousin's wedding - and since it's the closest thing we'll be getting to a vacation for at least another year, we decided to turn it into a leisurely little road trip! 

While I'm looking forward to many things about this trip, of course one of the major ones is getting tons and tons of knitting time.  I have way too many things on the needles right now - and if I want to start mustache-making, I've gotta finish some stuff first!

Packed in my knitting bag will be: 

1.  Tyler's sweater - I'm about ready to take off for the sleeves.  I wound off another hank of yarn for the trip! 

My next FO....I hope!
2.  The languishing Cookie A Stalagmite socks - I'm getting close the the heel turn on sock #2....this one has been on the needles for so long, it's embarassing.  I'll probably be focusing much of my efforts on this! 

3.  The wedding present for the happy couple - I have no delusions that it will be finished in time for the wedding - there's no way!

4.  A model for one of my patterns that's already published (the BFL Forever Keyhole Scarf), but I wanted to knit a version with commercially-available yarn instead of handspun. 

I'm tempted to take my Malabrigo March (ha ha!) project, which you may or may not recall is the Koukla Cardigan, using some lovely skeins of Glazed Carrot Malabrigo Rios....I just finished one of the front pieces last night and cast on for the second, but there's miles to go on that one...and it might turn out to be a huge distraction from projects that are much closer to being completed. 

I'm also having a hard time deciding if I should bring along the half-knit scarf/shawlette - Kate Gagnon Osborn's Oscilloscope Shawl -  I started last week, thinking I would wear it to the wedding (then I checked the weather for KC and realized I probably wouldn't need it.)  I screwed up the last row I knit on it and haven't picked it up since - but it would be nice to get that off the needles as well, because otherwise I fear it will hibernate for the summer.  Perhaps the best course of action on that one is to put it in the suitcase and only allow myself to work on it during the return trip! 

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