Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Presents, Fiber-style

Sock Yarn: Hazel Knits
& The Wool Dispensary
Yesterday was my birthday, and thus far I've received many awesome gifts from my thoughtful friends and family.  The biggest gift I've gotten, unfortunately, is also the most unpleasant:  a monster cold....much like I had for last year's birthday.  The difference?  Last year on November 16, I was not only sick, but at the Vet's office learning how to give our newly-diagnosed cat his subcutaneous fluids.  So really, this is an improvement, and I am merely experiencing the Traditional Birthday Cold.

My parents came to visit this past weekend, which kicked off all of the birthday celebrating.  We had many meals out at some of my favorite places (Revolution, Hot Doug's, M Burger, The Handlebar to name a few), did a little shopping, and spent Saturday afternoon at the Irish Cultural Center (which is very close to where I live - I had no idea!) for their Irish Books, Arts & Music Festival.  Perhaps it was too much fun and excitement....or maybe this really is new tradition for my thirties.
Shaelyn + Project Bag

As far as knitterly gifts go, my yarn guru Lauren knit me a soft and snuggly Shaelyn Shawl in Malabrigo Lace (there was beer, chocolate and a project bag, too - she knows all of my weaknesses!).  Sam gave me some sock yarn with a matching project bag and pattern (sure to leap to the front of my queue), my boss and fellow fiber lover Leanne sent many birthday goodies, among them a cat tape measure, fun buttons & a delicious assortment of tea.  I think this magnet also warrants a mention - how often do you have a boss who has a sense of humor and doesn't care that you have tattoos?!  Yeah, that one is front and center on our fridge now. 

Tyler ordered me a lovely skein of Skein (sorry, couldn't resist) from Doodlebug Yarns, one of very few places in the US that carries this Australian hand-dyed yarn.   Check out the subtle variegation of the Tribal colorway in Merino Cashmere much pretty yarn is really going to jump the queue I'd worked out for post-holiday knitting.

And all of this is in addition to the other (non-fiber-related) thoughtful and wonderful gifts people have sent my way.  Despite the stupid cold, I'm still managing to have a great birthday, so thanks to everyone who's wished me well via Facebook/Text Message/Snail Mail/Sky Writing.  Here's hoping I'll be well by tomorrow, which is when my official birthday party is supposedly taking place.  I refuse to reschedule it two years in a row!
Skein. Drool!

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