Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finishing, Enabling & Indulging Startitis

Tough to photograph:
Black Stockinette Sweater
(Now finished & blocking!)
The biggest news of this week is surely the completion of Tyler's sweater.  Having cast on in February,  this project has been a slow-burner.  I did have to frog & restart it.  Modifications have been made.  Entire weeks went by when I didn't touch the thing.  My hare-brained sleeves 2-at-a-time-while-attached-to-a-sweater-body scheme actually worked.  And most importantly, we didn't break up!  Not that I was terribly worried about the Sweater Curse - we've been together for 11 years now - but perhaps my delay in knitting Tyler a sweater was due in part to that silly superstition.  At any rate, Tyler has a new sweater that fits him perfectly and is exactly the way he wanted it! 

Which means, of course, that I can cast on for lots of new projects, right?  I mean, I still have holiday knitting to do....and I still have a design that is ready to be published and just needs a model knit...but it's ok to start a few new projects, anyhow, right?  RIGHT? 

Exhibit A
Oh, it's not?  Then you better quit reading this entry, because I recently got my mitts on some Fibre Company Canopy Fingering - yarn I've been coveting since TNNA - and it doesn't want to sit in my stash.  It wants to be knit.  Immediately.  And it wants to become the Botanical Cowl, a free pattern I came across on Ravelry.  Now here's the part where things get tricky:  my job, on a daily basis, is to tell people about the awesomeness of various yarns and patterns, and how fun it is to spin/crochet/knit/weave.  The problem is, I end up convincing myself that I need to purchase said yarn, knit said pattern, or bust out the spinning wheel (I've even started harboring notions of picking up weaving...with all that spare time I have!).  Which is all well and good, but then when I go to blog about my knitting/spinning life, I can't very well omit the part where I enabled myself to purchase something from one of my clients - which has happened twice recently! 

(So yes, I'm off the clock (it is the weekend, after all), but just know that there is a little overlap going on between Work Life and Normal Life at the moment.)

Exhibit A is this booty from Doodlebug Yarns, the theme of which is "Things I Became Obsessed With After TNNA in Columbus."  I'd gotten hooked on Lavishea and Heel at the trade show and decided to indulge my curiousity and obsession with the afore-mentioned Canopy Fingering.  And look!  Adorable yarn ball stitch markers from Hiya-Hiya!  How did those get in there? 

You'll have to wait on Exhibit B - that one is still on its way.  In the mean time, I should probably share my awesome new tote bag, courtesy of the Busy Beaver Button Company here in Chicago.  If you read my last blog entry, you'll recall that I entered this contest and won this rad  Oh no! DOOM tote bag....and if you read this blog even a little bit, you probably know that I enter a LOT of contests on a daily/weekly basis, so it's not that I'm necessarily luckier than the average person, but the odds of winning something are greatly increased when you enter 100 contests per month as I typically do.  That said, I wasn't any less thrilled to find out I won or see this tote bag in my mail box!  Destined to become one of my favorite new projects bags, I've already assigned it to one of my *ahem* newly cast-on projects. 

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  1. Can't wait to see Tyler's new sweater in action!