Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving" like....

...a Zombie Bunny with a pom-pom tail. 


(this is my way of saying "Happy Thanksgiving," apparently)

Rav user Mercourier - aka my buddy Sam, proprietress extraordinaire of The Wool Dispensary - recently made this zombie bunny who uses its snuggliness to its advantage so it may feast on your brains. 

She used the Button Bunnies pattern, The Wool Dispensary Greater Poison in a new mystery colorway for the MC and Riverpoet Fiber and Yarn in "Blood Orange Massacre" for the CC....not to mention pink safety eyes and a cool skull toggle button to great effect!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday today - and remember, tomorrow is BUY NOTHING DAY (for real).  On Saturday, be sure to support your LYS and other small businesses, tooo (such as The Wool Dispensary, or perhaps an independent designer whose blog you enjoy reading??)!

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