Monday, September 10, 2012

How Many Hats?

Apparently, I've been knitting a lot of hats this year:

L-R: Simple Things, Roscoe Village Hat, Amaranth Hat, Topiary Beanie, Hendreary Hat, East Falls Hat, and the Union Long Beanie. I think there are even a few that are not pictured, these are just the ones I could find when rounding them up for a photo shoot!

It's been quite a weekend - I attended the German American Festival, Renegade Craft Fair, and the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival! If anyone knows me, that is more "outings" than I typically partake of in the span of a month, much less one single weekend! I'll be sharing photos and other tidbits just as soon as I recover from all of the excitement!


  1. I was at WI Sheep & Wool too! It's always a fun time - the vendors are great and I love visiting the sheep.

    1. Yes, I will definitely be going back next year - I loved seeing all the sheep! I thought the mix of vendors was top-notch, too!

  2. no such thing as too many hats! just lovely.