Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Free Pattern: Pikachu!

Both of my nephews are really into Pokemon (I suppose if anyone has kids under the age of 10, this is a ridiculously obvious statement, but bear with me), so for my nephew Jake's birthday this month, I thought I should knit him his very own Pikachu. Even though there are loads of cute Pokemon crochet amigurumi out there, I consider my newfound crochet skills remedial at best. Yep, better stick to the knitting on this one! Of the very few knitted Pikachu patterns I found, I couldn't find one that looked quite right, so I set to work making up my own.

This necessitated a lot of research via google image search (and resulted in this pinboard of some of the crazier things I came across along the way) and lots of trial and error. I did write down the play-by-play of what I did and hope someone finds it helpful. Please be my guineau pigs (as in, test knitters) by downloading a free PDF from my Ravelry pattern store if you fancy! Should you find any errata, please kindly alert me via Ravelry PM.

I've also got a top secret sock pattern coming out next week - please click here to sign up for my monthly e-newsletter to be notified when it goes live (you might even get a nice discount on your PDF purchase, wink wink)!

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  1. Pikachu and Ketchup - my two favorite things!