Friday, March 22, 2013

FO Friday / FreshStitches Friday!

This week, I have two amigurumi projects, both of which use patterns by one of my favorite crochet designers, Stacey Trock of Freshstitches.

First, I finally got around to making my February kit club project, Dale the Mosquito! I spent last Saturday afternoon baking and crocheting in the kitchen. A few hours later, I had a new friend, complete with poseable nose and legs!
In other crochet news: the moose is done! The moose is done! It took much longer to put together than I was expecting, mostly because I had to reattach pieces more than once. I think he's cute, but a little on the wonky side; part of that is because I still managed to have a pretty loose gauge, despite using a smaller hook than recommended (used an F instead of the recommended H). I probably should have noticed sooner and switched to an even smaller hook, but it's a little too late for that now! The pattern is Stacey Trock's Maple the Moose from Crocheted Softies, made with Malabrigo Merino Worsted as one of my Malabrigo March projects.
(Click here to view project details on Ravelry)
The question now is - should I give this guy a ride in the washing machine in an attempt to felt him a little? It's either so crazy, it just might work....or just CRAZY. I am having a hard time deciding, and have been wrestling with this question all week, so I will open it up to the general public: to felt or not to felt? What will be his moosey fate?

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Have a crafty weekend!


  1. I'm guessing he'd felt. Do you have any yarn left? Maybe make up a little swatch to felt first to see how you like it? Felting would definitely blur the stitches and that's not always what you want. And sometimes things don't felt evenly so you may have to soaks and tug to even him back out again.

    Love the little mosquito.

  2. Don't felt him! He is so cute just the way he is and what if the felting doesn't work out the way you wanted? Personally, I like the stitch detailing.

  3. Both are so cute! My vote would be to not felt...he's already adorable!

  4. And the fourth vote goes to not felting him! He is a handsome moose as is. Have a great weekend!

  5. The 'No Felts' have it! Thanks for everyone's input!

  6. I love the mosquito - he's so stinkin' cute!

    And I wouldn't put the moose in the washing machine, but I have a hard time working up the nerve to put in things that were always meant to be felted.