Friday, April 12, 2013

FO Friday: Turtle Tote & Goodies Galore

My knitting guru's birthday was last Friday, and I wanted to think of something fun yet useful that I could make her. After combing Ravelry and my bookshelves for ideas, I finally decided that the Turtle Lunch Tote from Amigurumi on the Go would make an excellent project bag! It was actually kind of hard to give this one away, I may have to make one for myself someday soon. You can purchase this awesome book via Craftsy Deals by clicking my affiliate link!

I got a few goodies in the mail this week - first, I placed an order with HaldeCraft because I wanted to try the lavender hand lotion before it was discontinued...naturally, some lip balm (which is also being discontinued) found its way into my shopping cart, and Lorena very kindly included a bar of Lavender soap that smells absolutely heavenly. I don't usually order lavender anything online without already being familiar with the product line and how it smells, because there is good lavender and very, very bad lavender. Lorena uses the good stuff - the really good stuff, in fact. Lavender lovers rejoice!

The Lavender Lemon lip balm is on my desk, and it's a nice little moment of relaxation during my work day whenever I slather it on. It's very lavender-y and you can actually taste the lavender for the first few moments you are wearing it, which I happen to like. It's one of those things that tastes exactly how it smells!

I am also really enjoying the Lavender Hand Lotion - it's extremely moisturizing but not too greasy or sticky, and it's now on my night stand so that I can let it work its magic while I sleep. Leave it to me to get hooked on the stuff when it's going away! I haven't tried the Lavender Soap yet, but I plan on using it over the summer because I read somewhere that lavender is a good bug repellent. Seems like a good way to test the theory, anyhow! I did notice that the soap design is yarn and needles, which is super cool (but hard to photograph)!

You should also check out HaldeCraft's hand-dyed yarn (you can see some of it in action on this blog post, wherein I knit a monkey toy with her Tepper Worsted in the Sock Monkey colorway!). Good stuff!

I also received my third and final shipment from the FreshStitches Kit Club (sniff). I was so happy to open it up and see one of the monster patterns I'd been eying on Ravelry! The yarn is lovely - I think it might be Zauberball of some kind - and I am pretty excited to whip up a wacky-colored Roosevelt. I wish I could sign up for another 3 months of kits, but sadly, it's not in the budget for now. I just mailed in our tax payment - ouch! While there are many benefits of being self-employed, tax day is not among them!

If you've been wanting to sign up for a monthly yarn, fiber or kit club, this is a really good one to try out. I generally don't like surprises and would rather pick out my yarn and patterns myself, but Stacey does a really good job with each shipment - I wasn't ever disappointed in the least. Plus, her designs are so cute that you can easily keep them for yourself or give them as a gift. It's totally worth your while to sign up!

Speaking of which, there are still a few more days to take advantage of my Tax Day Pattern Sale - click here for all the details!

Whew! That was a long one - thanks for sticking with me today!

For more FO Friday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis blog!

Have a crafty weekend!


  1. I must try out I have had the very bad lavender before..and yuck...good lavender is hard to find...

    1. Terrible lavender is the worst! You will be so happy when you get your order, enjoy!

  2. I'm glad you liked the lavender soap! Normally I wouldn't have sent a whole big bar randomly like that, but I know you're a yarn lover *and* I just happened to have that extra *and* you were already ordering some other lavender blends, so.... ;-)

    1. Oh, and PS. Thanks for the shout-out!

    2. You're welcome! I figured it just happened to be my lucky day when you were packing up my order - thanks again!