Monday, September 22, 2014

2 Weeks Until Spinzilla + Free Printable

In just a few short weeks, Spinzilla will be kicking off! Today is the last day to register for a team; those of you who would like to spin Rogue have until October 3 to register - click here for more info on the Spinzilla website!

#TeamLouet is officially full, and we are ready to spin for the glory this year. Our team thread in the Spinzilla group is buzzing with activity, and between now and October 6, I'll be sharing Spinner Profiles of our teammates here in the Louet Ravelry group. We'll also be discussing various topics to help folks prepare for the big event - our most recent thread is focused on fiber prep. Even if you aren't a member of our team, all are welcome to join in the discussion!

#TeamLouet will have some amazing prizes up for grabs in addition to all of the other opportunities to win prizes throughout the event:

GRAND PRIZE: The Bison Boogie will be awarded to the spinner with the most yardage, who will win a fiber prize pack valued at $400 retail!
Runners-Up: Winners in the following three categories will win 2 pounds of any in-stock Canterbury spinning fiber!

  • Bronze Bison: This award will go to the person who spins the most naturally-colored fiber by weight (must post your final weight in the #TeamLouet Ravelry thread to be eligible).
  • Brilliant Bison: This award will go to the person who spins the most dyed fiber by weight (must post your final weight in the #TeamLouet Ravelry thread to be eligible).
  • Beguiling Bison: This award goes to the person who shares the prettiest photo of their finished Spinzilla yarns (to be judged by the finished photo submitted at the end of Spinzilla)!

Adventurer Award: We’ll give out a fibery prize to a random teammate who tried a new fiber or technique during the event!

Monster Mile Club: Each person who spins a mile of yarn (1760 yards) during Spinzilla will win 2 pounds of any in-stock Canterbury spinning fiber, plus they will get a special badge they can add to their Ravelry profile, blog, or website!
To ensure that everyone has a fair chance at winning an award, each person is only eligible for one prize per person  (i.e., if you are the grand prize winner, you won’t be eligible for the other prizes). We’ll do our best to ensure that things are as fair as possible; if you have any questions or concerns about our awards, please PM me  on Ravelry
Over the weekend, I was inspired to organize and catalogue my yarn and fiber stash, making sure that everything was entered into my Ravelry notebook so that I could keep track of everything more easily. I discovered that I was the most lax about remembering to enter two things: first, nearly all of my recent purchases of spinning fiber were never entered into my stash. Second, I found that I had added in photos for many of my finished skeins of handspun yarn, but little else. 

I also discovered that I wasn't so great about labeling handspun skeins before releasing them into my stash. While my memory tends to be fairly good in this department, it would still be nice to have all of the skeins labeled for easy identification later (especially all of those naturally-colored skeins of brown romney/jacob/dorper/etc.). I decided to make myself some labels to use for all of my Spinzilla 2014 skeins and beyond, and then I realized that other spinners might also enjoy having ready-to-print labels at their disposal for Spinzilla, so I decided to turn the labels I made for myself into a free printable PDF for all to enjoy! 

Click here to download your FREE printable labels for handspun yarn courtesy of the Handmade by Stefanie Blog!


  1. oh wow! what a great idea ... I will totally use your labels! Thank you!

  2. So kind of you! The Louet team sounds like so much fun! I have a Louet--will there be any info on the Louet group threads to help with spinning on these wheels?

  3. The picture of the label looks fabulous! I only wished it downloaded for me. I clicked on the link you have and it says, "404 We can't find what you're looking for". Ah, well, that happens sometimes. Thank you.