Monday, September 29, 2014

Say What? The Final Conversation Sock Pattern Is Live!

Knitting socks with a cotton yarn may cause you to exclaim “Say What?!” - but the uniqueness of SilverSpun is well-suited to the task! Featuring combed cotton with a touch of lycra, the resulting yarn is incredibly stretchy. The addition of pure silver adds a variety of benefits: silver inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and also has excellent thermal properties (read more about this unique yarn here).
Say What? Socks in SilverSpun yarn

While the conductive properties of the yarn make it excellent for gloves or mittens, you’re sure to love these textured, cabled socks for year-round use. SilverSpun yarn is made from cotton which is raised and spun in North Carolina; it is a finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made Craft Awards, and I highly recommend you click here to cast your vote!

The cabled panel gives a faux knotted look (without having to cut any yarn!), and it is complemented by a background of simple seed stitch.

The Say What? socks are super-stretchy and surprisingly warm, and they are an excellent yarn splurge for the fall season. Bonus: You can use your leftover SilverSpun yarn to knit the fingertips on gloves, allowing you to use a smartphone or tablet while wearing your gloves this winter!

For anyone who might be wondering about pricing, I have decided that the current price for the eBook ($14) will be the final price. Originally, I was going to raise it to $18 when the final pattern came out, which is still a great deal considering the fact that my individual patterns sell for $6 each - but with the holiday season on its way, I'd really like to keep this eBook affordable; this just seemed like the right thing to do!

I have also decided to change my policy on what can be done with items made from my patterns. Previously, the fine print on all of my designs explicitly stated that finished items may not be sold for monetary gain. For quite some time, I've been thinking about changing this to support folks who intend to sell at craft fairs or on Etsy, and one of my personal heroes (Stacey Trock from FreshStitches) makes an excellent case for allowing folks to sell finished items which credit the designer with a mention on the tag or link back to the website. I'll be updating all of my patterns as time allows to reflect this change, and I hope it will be positive one to the benefit of all.

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