Friday, September 26, 2014

The Admiralty Pillow is DONE + Socktober KAL with Knitter's Pride!

I am beside myself this week: at long last, I have finished the  project I started back in August for the Holla Knits KAL (which has come and gone), the Admiralty pillow by Emily Ringelman!

I won the yarn to make this project during a Holla Knits blog tour earlier this year, and it was a great motivator to actually making this project. Intarsia and I aren't friends, and to be honest, it's a technique I try to avoid whenever I can. However, knitting 12 intarsia pieces turned out to be a good way to become a bit friendlier with the technique...although it's still not my favorite!

I did modify this design to only use two colors in the intarsia panels rather than 3, because I knew I would lose my mind if I had to juggle 3 colors of yarn. That turned out to be a really good move, and while I think the third color definitely adds some definition to the finished object (which is probably why the designer did it in the first place!).

If I had been smarter, I would have transferred the stitches from each piece to a long interchangeable cord instead of scrap yarn - then all I could have just attached the correct needle tips when it was time to knit and seam the pieces together. These are the things we think of way after the fact, am I right? At any rate I am happy with how my project turned out.

Conversation Socks KAL!

Just announced today here on the Knitter's Pride blog: a KAL for any of my 5 patterns from Conversation Socks during the month of October (aka, SOCKtober). The final pattern will be released this coming Monday, and there is a sneak peek on the Knitter's Pride blog today!

There is also a special discount for anyone who wants to buy the eBook and participate in the KAL - click here to claim your coupon code. It should be a whole lot of fun, and of course, there will be prizes!

The First 4 Designs from Conversation Socks - Click here fore a sneak peek of the 5th!


  1. Yay, Admiralty! It IS a lot of intarsia, isn't it? The cord idea is super smart. Wish I also would have thought of that.

    1. As I was putting it together, I was really amazed at how perfectly everything fit together. That's testament to a well-designed (and written) pattern for sure!