Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIPs: #ChillChaserKAL+ Friends

The big news this week is my progress on the Chill Chaser Cardigan, which is part of the Spud & Chloe #ChillChaserKAL happening here in their Ravelry group: I'm just about finished with both of the fronts and will be knitting the rest of the back piece shortly!

My other knit-worthy news item is the progress I made over the weekend on my Admiralty pillow:

As you can see, I bit the bullet and seamed all of the panels together, and I even wove in most of the ends in anticipation of beginning the final phase of pillow assembly. However, I can't proceed until the pillow form I ordered online arrives, so this project will return to the backburner til then.

Consequently, not much time as been allocated to my Wedge socks, though a bit of progress has been made since last week:

That's it for this week! I'd love to hear what's on your needles or hooks currently, too - and I'll meet you back here for FO Friday!

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