Monday, November 24, 2014

Designer Interview: Ela of Modish Knits

Ela models her Funky Frank hat & cowl design.
I was recently introduced to an Italian designer, Ela of Modish Knits, through my participation in this year's Indie Design Gift-along. Ela's Ravelry pattern store has lots of wearable garment and accessory designs with interesting-to-knit details such as a lacy yoke, stripes or textured stitches. Besides participating in this year's GAL, her most recent endeavor is Knitting Adventures, an ebook which will feature 4 sweater designs to be released each month now through February 2015.

I caught up with Ela via email and I hope you'll also take a moment to get to know her via the interview below. Enjoy!

1. How did you get into designing? 
I am obsessed by fibres. Some years ago, I started to spin and dye artyarns. Corespun, tailspun, etc needs basic, simple patterns to be awesome, so I started to write very easy patterns in order to highlight the yarns. With time, I am passionate about writing and I wanted to focus on more structured patterns for yarns easier to work with. 

That's the opposite, I know... I'm a contradiction!

2. Living in the mecca of fashion, do you find this informs your knitwear design? 
The Glitter Cardi
That's a difficult question...Milano is the fashion city, it's true. Surely I am influenced in this way, but I always try to create something comfortable to wear every day. There is always the intention to impress in Milan fashion; I try to create beautiful clothes to wear to the office or to take the kids to the park. I would not design something that I would not wear.

3. What is your favorite design from this year? 
Probably the Glitter Cardi. I think it enhances the femininity of women independently by sizes.

4. What are your design goals for 2015? 
I'd like to explore some collaborations. I think it will be important to grow my experience. I'm shy and I would love to overcome this shyness to share experiences. Also, it's not easy to work with a language other than your native, I am always afraid this might create misunderstandings. In 2015 I will work to improve myself and my designs.

5. If you could be any fiber-producing animal, what would you want to be? 
Definitely a camel. My daughter says I look like a camel in every picture. Has to be my spirit animal!

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