Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It's that time of year when I can't share all of my WIPs publicly - thank goodness I have two KALs I'm participating in to keep things interesting! Over the weekend, I finished the knitting portion for my Polar Hat, which is part of the Bulky Knit Hats KAL:

As you can see, I have no cut out many pieces of fringe (over 100!) which are to be affixed to the brim of the hat, and I've also made a ginormous pom pom which will grace the top of said hat! This might be a project I save for this coming weekend; I kind of like to do tasks such as this all in one sitting, which I know isn't possible during the work week.

My other project is for the WEBS' Snow Family KAL, which I am not doing a great job of keeping up with, truth be told! You can click here to read about Week 3 on the WEBS blog; so far, all I have finished is one small tree and the body of a Snow Person (with half of a hat in progress):

Also, the window for snagging patterns for 25% off closes this week if you're planning to participate in this year's Indie Design Giftalong event! Click here to view all of my own eligible patterns (below are just a few of my top picks!) - you can find more participating designers and other useful info here on Ravelry.

Also, while I'm sharing GAL news, be sure to visit the Knit/Wit blog, where I am interviewed on today's post. I got to know Sarah as we corresponded via email, and she is also participating in the GAL. Click here to check out her awesome designs on Ravelry!

Button Bunnies

Scalloped Rib Socks

Like the Tides Cowl

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