Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The WIP Wednesday That Nearly Wasn't

I'm in the home stretch of my holiday gift-making; boxes have been shipped out to both Portland and Kansas City, and I have just a few gifts in progress for folks here in Chicago. I'm SO excited to be completely done so that I can start my reward projects!

I've also been trying to steal a few moments here and there to get this forlorn sock yarn sweater off the needles. It's now just two sleeves away from being done, though - that's certainly progress!?
Truth be told, I very nearly skipped writing this post since I'm sure everyone is as tired of seeing the glacial progress on the above project as I am....but then, these arrived on my doorstep:
Aren't they pretty? It's this year's limited edition gift set from Knitter's Pride which features their fancy new Marblz needles (web search "limited edition marblz gift set" to find online retailers who still have the set in stock, or you can click here to purchase from WEBS).
The colors are just incredible, and each needles' pattern is unique. I couldn't resist starting something new right away:
In other news, one of my finished projects from earlier this year was featured this week on the Knitting Daily blog - how cool is that?! Click here to check it out!

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