Monday, December 1, 2014

Try Not To Panic: December is Here!

Renegade Holiday Fair, Circa 2012
Photo by Dan Grzeca
Ack! It's December, and I'm hitting the panic button for my holiday gift-making! This is the point at which I have to be honest with myself and decide whether or not it's possible for me to finish all of the knit and crochet projects on my to-do list; it may be time to admit defeat and purchase some gifts! Today being Cyber Monday, this is a great time to snap up some deals online to make your life easier. If you are in the market for some knitterly gifts, Marly Bird has an extensive list of Cyber Monday deals here on her website!

This is also a fantastic time of year to support other makers, either via Etsy or by going to a holiday craft fair. I'm fortunate to live in Chicago, where we have tons of holiday craft fairs this time of year - anything from larger affairs such as the DIY Trunkshow and the Renegade Craft Fair December Market to smaller shows such as the Handmade Market or Revolution Craft Show.

I've scaled back some of my gifting goals to include quickie holiday ornament projects such as the ones I've been collecting here on Pinterest. Of course, if you're still worried about a last-minute time crunch, perhaps some ready-made ornaments are more your speed. I recently came across these adorable knitted bear ornaments from the Mother Bear Project, which are a fundraiser for their efforts. The proceeds from each ornament sale allows them to mail 6 regular-sized Mother bears to children in Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDs.
Mother Bear Ornament
Here's another gift idea that just about everyone can enjoy: a club memberships! Last year, I was gifted a three-month membership to the Rare Beer Monthly Club and it flipping rocked. In fact, I've continued my monthly membership with a different beer offering from their list of choices - and they also have wine, cheese, and other options to please a variety of tastes (click here to check them out). Getting back to ideas for fibery folks, there are many yarn and fiber clubs which would be great options - a lot of indie dyers offer a monthly club with exclusive colorways, and there are also other clubs featuring related products such as the Slipped Stitch Studios monthly project bag club. I myself have my eye on a Cloudlover fiber membership this year!
Slipped Stitch Studios Adventure Time Notions Bag
I have one more idea for your crafty friends: a well-chosen project kit. Since we all have plenty of yarn for the most part, it's sometimes nice to have the whole caboodle so that you aren't faced with the challenge of finding the perfect project for your pretty new yarn. Some of my favorite kit sources include FreshStitches (for lovers of amigurumi crochet - she also has a kit club, but unfortunately memberships are closed til July 2015), Craftsy (which has sewing, knit and crochet project kits), and Bijou Basin Ranch - they even have a kit featuring one of my designs, the Forever Linked Hat & Mitts!
Forever Linked Hat & Mitts in Himalayan Trail Yarn (my favorite!)

I'd love to hear your gifting solutions for this time of year, too!

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