Friday, February 12, 2016

FO Friday: Snowflake Cowl

Over the weekend, I finished knitting the Snowflake Cowl that's been on my needles since before Christmas! Honestly, I probably could have finished it faster if I hadn't had the CRAZIEST month of work in January. Also, I was sorely out of practice for stranded colorwork and it took a while to get my head back into the game - but once I did, it started to move at a much faster pace (if you missed this post last week, I shared some of my tips which helped me with this project).
Blocking in Allure, which is also by Bijou Basin Ranch.
Once I finished the knitting part, it was time to undo the provisional cast-on, put alllllll of those stitches back on a needle, and begin to graft both ends together. EEP! It was a quite a long process, needless to say - but totally, completely worth it. Just look at the resulting cowl: 
If I haven't mentioned it before, the yarn I used is the most luxurious 100% cashmere yarn ever - Xanadu from Bijou Basin Ranch. Now imagine fluffy colorwork tube that is wrapped around your neck to give you a double-layer of insanely soft warmth. It's divine. 
Yup. Totally warm.
Unfortunately, I don't get to keep this project - it's destined to be a display piece in the Bijou Basin Ranch booth when they're at fiber shows (so be sure to say hello to it if you spot it). However, I'm hoping that someday I can get the gumption to knit this pattern again to make a blue and white version for myself. I almost thing I should do it know while the colorwork chart is still somewhat embedded into my mind. We'll see! 
The Snowflake Cowl is available as a discounted project kit in your choice of colors here at - not only do you get the pattern and yarn, you also get some stitch markers, fiber wash, and a project bag. Oh, and free shipping if you live in the US - it's a pretty sweet deal! 


  1. So lovely! What a shame it isn't yours, perhaps it will get lost in the mail? Wink wink. (I'm joking... Kind of)

  2. Beautiful! I can just imagine how soft and warm that must be :) A shame that it won't be staying around your neck!

  3. Omg, I think I'd cry if I had to give that up. It's gorgeous!

  4. It's perfect, you did an awesome job!! A real shame you don't get to keep it, you should totally knit yourself blue and white version!