Friday, March 11, 2016

FO Friday: Tortie Cat Socks

My two-at-a-time Tortie Cat socks are officially done, just in time for my trip to Germany. I'm probably going to wear these on my trip!

For the leg, I used the stitch pattern from Hunter Hammersen's Knowledge of What Was Sensible socks from Fine Things for Plain Occasions. Then, I put in placeholder yarn for an afterthought heel and switched to stockinette stitch for the foot. 
I think I'm finally on board with 2-at-a-time socks on circular needles with magic loop. As much as I've enjoyed knitting socks with DPNs, it sure is nice to have two perfectly matched socks finished at the same time. What's kind of funny about this pair is that one sock is a little darker than the other, something that can happen with hand-dyed yarn (that's why it's usually recommended to alternate skeins every other row, so that you can minimize these differences). I split this skein in half by weight and there was no way I wanted to split it into fourths and juggle 4 strands of working yarn, so I'm totally ok with the slight difference between the two socks.
Incidentally, the yarn is BFL Sock in the tortie cat colorway from the Ancient Arts Yarn Meow Collection, which benefits pet rescue charities!

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