Friday, March 25, 2016

Stash Enhancement Auf Deutsch

File Under: When will I learn? I went to Germany with the foolish notion that I would just bring home a few souvenir skeins of yarn and that would be that. I've shown a little restraint at the last few shows I've been to, but that wasn't the case for this trip. First, I happened upon a yarn shop in Berlin near where I was staying quite by accident - and while they didn't stock Wollmeise, they did have some very lovely handpainted yarns from Schoppenwolle and Austermann. These 3 came home with me (and I honestly thought that was IT for the yarn - pretty funny, right?!):
Stash enhancement started innocently enough at H+H...but before I knew it, I had quite a ridiculous amount of skeins and other knitting-related items that I had to cram into my suitcase. First world problems, I know. Rather than (re)sharing the dimly lit photo I posted here on Instagram while still in Cologne, I've taken some nicer shots that really show everything off. First, I had a little blowout at the ArtYarns booth, which was just across the aisle from our booth (so I had the entirety of the show to ponder what skeins I wanted to get). I got a ton of Merino Cloud Fingering yarn in the form of a Grassy Green Gradients kit and 3 full-sized skeins (one of which I wound off on Sunday night so that I could start a crochet project on the plane back to Chicago):
I also snagged three pretty skeins of Koigu KPPPM and one Koigu Sparkle from their booth which was was just around the corner from us:
Some of my own client's yarn came home with me, too - I couldn't resist these two undyed skeins of Powder River yarn from Mountain Meadow Wool:
...or this bright and very uncharacteristic (for me) colorway of Lhasa Wilderness from Bijou Basin Ranch:
My final yarn-related score was this colorful Mitten Kit from the Knit Like A Latvian Booth, which my friend Mari and I had been planning to shop at the close of the show:
I saw some really curious-looking needles which I am trying in the name of science - they are made by Neko Knit, and the first time I saw them I totally didn't understand how they worked. Bent DPNs, what the what?! After seeing a live demo in the booth, I figured they were worth trying out. I'm not sure I'll convert to them completely (at least, not the way I've taken to magic looping on a fixed circ for socks of late), but it will be fun to give them a try and expand my horizons a little.
I got a few samples of animal craft eyes to try out, which means that I need to get back to toy-making this summer!
Last but certainly not least, I got some samples of some new products in the KnitPro booth (which is the brand Knitter's Pride products are sold under outside of North this may very well be a sneak peek of what they'll be debuting at TNNA?! I sure hope so!). They had some cute new fabric bags, so I got a zippered pouch and an interchangeable needle case, and I also wanted to try some of the Royale DPNs and Zing fixed circulars.
I guess I better clear some more knitting (and crocheting) time in my immediate future to enjoy all of these wonderful goodies!

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  1. Sweet acquisitions! Those bent DPNs are intriguing...