Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Knitting Break: Crochet to the Rescue!

There's been absolutely no progress on all of the knitting projects from last week's post - no exaggerating! As the week wore on, it became clear that the issues in my left hand and arm weren't going to resolve unless I took a little break from knitting all the socks. What really kicks things up is typing, but unfortunately I don't have the option to skip work for a week.

Of course, I still needed to amuse myself somehow...first, I tried arm knitting, which I always thought was lame. This assumption was quickly confirmed as I fussed with some very large yarn to produce a disappointingly floppy fabric. I know some people enjoy it, but it just wasn't for me - if I want to whip something up quickly, I would much rather crochet....which is what I ended up doing for most of the weekend! I completed a pretty cowl from Crochet With One Sheepish Girl using 2 skeins of my own handspun merino yarn. It's so soft and squishy....I may have to keep it for myself!
I also started another handspun cowl, this one in double crochet using some gradient Jacob fiber I dyed myself a year or two ago (you can see my guest tutorial here on the Woolery blog, in fact)....but I decided that it wasn't the right use for this yarn, since it's quite heavy and a little scratchy. Naturally, I didn't think of this til I was more than halfway done with the it goes. So, I frogged and started making a crocheted basket instead. It should make a pretty nice ombre basket without even having to change yarn colors!
I also have been able to work on some spinning projects, which I'll be sharing on Friday. See you then!


  1. Nice! I find crochet much harder on my arms/wrists, perhaps because of the twisting? I hope your arm gets better STAT! Icy water soaks help me :)

    1. I am a super loose crocheter, and apparently a VERY tight knitter....even I think that's pretty weird! Ice water has totally been my friend this week....and today I'm getting a massage! Thanks for the kind words. :-)

  2. Oooh I love the ombre effect!