Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WIP Wednesday: The Same, But Different

It's pretty much the usual suspects this week. I've been trying to work a bit on each project on the needles so that there is somewhat visible progress; probably the most measurable progress from last week can be seen with my Ancient Arts socks, which are almost ready for the heel.
I'm still working on the gusset decreases for the Light Saber socks, but check out my new project bag that coordinates perfectly with the yarn!
The Royals socks have also seen some action; the actual team has had a bit of a losing streak on the road and I hoped that picking these socks back up would help pull them out of it....and I'm not sure I can credit knitting on these socks for making that happen, but the day after I started working on them again, they did seem to come alive again. Works for me!
Unfortunately, all of the sock projects I have on the needles (along with typing for 9 hours a day) seem to be aggravating my golfer's elbow, so I'm going to have to pace myself and maybe even hibernate a few of these projects until I can get my wrist/elbow pain under control.

The good news is that I can still work on the brioche cowl, so it should be close to coming off the needles - and I'm certainly ready to finish this up and start something new, but I just want to be sure to give it enough length so that it has a nice drape when I wear it.
That's it for this week. On Friday, I'll be sharing my fractal spinning experiments - see you then!

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