Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More WIPs Than You Can Shake A Stick At

So many WIPs! I think this is the most projects I've had on the needles in quite some time; I usually try to keep to about 3 or 4 since any more than that kinda stress me out - but I find myself with 8 active WIPs on my needles & hook right now. Eep!

I've made the most progress on these Ancient Arts socks since my last WIP Wednesday post - last weekend, I knit the Fish Lips Kiss heel on sock #2 and am doing a mad dash to the finish line:


While traveling earlier this month, this Seraphim striped wrap became my go-to project for mindless, soothing knitting:


I've also passed the halfway point on my Molten Metal KAL project:


And I inherited a stockinette scarf project from my grandmother, which I feel compelled to finish in a somewhat timely fashion so that someone in my family can enjoy it this winter.


There are a few projects who haven't gotten much action lately, but I am hoping to focus more on them this coming weekend before I am embroiled in Spinzilla-land next week; the Rockling Cardigan hasn't grown much since I last shared it here on this blog, but at least I found the perfect buttons for whenever it's done:


I also haven't picked up the Bulletproof Curl I started a while back for fear of making a mistake and having to rip back yet again - I'm still getting the hang of the stitch pattern, and with all of the stress and sleep deprivation of the past few weeks, I thought it wise to give this one a short little vacation. I do love how it's knitting up in this yarn and color, however, so I think I'll try to work on it more frequently, just a pattern rep each day would probably make a big difference.


That's it for this week! I'll be knitting like mad and preparing for next week's Spinzilla for the rest of the week, but  I do have a little something special planned for next Monday - see you then!

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