Friday, November 4, 2016

FO Friday: Inherited Knitting

In September when my grandmother passed away, and I inherited a garter stitch scarf that she had started but never finished.  She was just barely one-fourth of the way through, so I had quite a ways to go to finish what she started. Since I'm not really a rectangular scarf knitter these days, I was worried that I would let this languish, so I decided to keep it in my office so that I could sneak in a few rows during conference calls or whenever my laptop was restarting. 

This ended up being a good idea, because less than two months later, it's off the needles! I'm not sure who I'll be gifting it to just yet; I'm even toying with the idea of keeping it for myself (more than a few Instagram peeps have cast their vote in favor of this and we all know that the internet is never wrong). 


I'm a little sad to have finished this since it was a nice way to connect with her daily as I knit on it, but I do have plenty of mementos in my house which remind me of her on a daily basis, unfinished knitting project or no.  

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