Friday, November 25, 2016

FO Friday: Perfidy

Fresh off the needles is my first project from Hunter Hammersen's newest book, Curls 2, which I reviewed at the start of this week (click here if you missed it). My giveaway to win a print copy of the book is still open, so be sure to check out this post to find out how you can enter!


I was really pleased with how this shawl turned out, and it was my first time knitting with Sweet Georgia's Bulletproof sock yarn. It's a very soft and luxurious yarn that also stands up well to a lot of frogging - which is good, because I ended up ripping out quite a bit of work along the way due to operator error (counting is hard, ok?!?).


The drape is really lovely, and the stitch definition is nice and crisp...but my favorite part is that I only have this much of the skein left over:


Being able to knit until you run out of yarn might be the true genius of the Curls patterns, other than the fact that they're generally easier to style than other shawl shapes. Now I just need to resist starting a new one this weekend....


  1. Oh Stef, it's beautiful!!!! Love it. And isn't it so satisfying when you use up all the yarn?