Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Superpower is Losing Mittens

Of the two mitten projects I've finished most recently, I've already lost mates for both somehow. I know, I know - it's quite the talent.

The first pair of mittens were knit back in October for the Great Northern KAL - click here for a refresher if you missed this one


The second pair I finished earlier this month and didn't get a chance to share a proper photograph here on the blog... in fact, they didn't even get blocked before I started using them and promptly lost one of the pair. All I have to prove that the knitting is done is this photo from Instagram:


If those mittens look a little strange, it's because I used this pattern to keep the index finger free from the rest of the fingers, switching to Silverspun yarn for the tips of the thumbs and index fingers. The idea was that I could wear them when playing Pokemon Go in colder temperatures, an idea that wold have been AMAZING if I hadn't already lost its mate!

So, now I have these two orphaned mittens which I guess I'll be wearing together until I can muster the enthusiasm to knit them mates (again). On the plus side, I have enough yarn left over from each projects to do so, it's just a question of putting in the time (again). The key word here is (again) - as anyone with Second Sock Syndrome knows, that can be quite a hump to get over.


Clearly, I need to make myself a very long i-cord to run through the sleeves of my winter coat, attaching either end to my mittens just as I would for a small child, because I just can't seem to keep track of the darn things. If anyone has a more elegant (and/or less embarrassing) solution, I'm all ears! 

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  1. oh bummer ... I think the cord is definitely a solution, and not that embarrassing. More elegant than safety pins :) - LaurenS