Friday, April 21, 2017

FO Friday: Lhasa Wilderness Woven Scarf

I finished my third woven project! Carl at Bijou Basin Ranch asked me to weave a sample to be displayed in their booth at the Intermountain Weaving Conference in July, and I couldn't resist the change to try weaving with this luxurious yarn!


Since I'm still a total novice, we agreed upon a very simple scarf using two skeins of Lhasa Wilderness in one of my favorite new colorways, Joseph. I'm still really nervous to have my weaving work on display for Real Weavers to look at (gulp!), but at least I won't be there to hear them remark on my still-figuring-it-out selvedges. This is what I tell myself, anyway!


I loved weaving with this yarn - it's a yak/bamboo blend that is a bit slippery, so it did take some getting used to. In my sample, you can totally see where I started to get the hang of it:


Thankfully, my finished scarf looks a lot better than the above swatch. If you want to try weaving this scarf project, I've shared my calcs and supply list below. Happy weaving!


Lhasa Wilderness Scarf
Totally Mathematical: 
Width of Project: 8 inches
Total Width on Loom: 9 inches (10% shrinkage)

Project Length: 68 inches (not including fringe)
Warp Length: 93 inches

Number of Warp Ends: 90

Stuff You'll Need: 
Yarn: 2 skeins of Lhasa Wilderness in Joseph
Heddle: 10 Dent
Loom: Rigid Heddle Loom (I used a 20" Schacht Flip)
Stick Shuttle
Measuring Tape

New to weaving? So am I, but I made this scarf with the help of Angela Tong's awesome Craftsy class, Rigid Heddle Weaving. Click here for my full review!

You may like to know: I am a Craftsy affiliate & receive a commission for purchases made on Craftsy when affiliate links are clicked. 

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