Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Sleeve Party

This week is all about knitting sleeves! I finished the body of my Rockling Cardigan and started on the sleeves; usually I prefer two-at-a-time, but I just couldn't fathom doing that while managing several giant balls of the bulky yarn I'm knitting with. So, against my better judgement, I am knitting the sleeves one at a time on DPNs - but on the plus side, I finally get to give my Sirka Row Counter a proper test drive!
I'll share more about the Sirka on a later post once I've used it more, but so far I am totally digging it.

Last weekend, I started a baby sweater for one of the few people I will accept commission work from at this point (hint: they are all very closely related to me by blood). I'm knitting a pattern I've used before (Seed Stitch Yoke Cardi) from one of my favorite baby knitting books, 60 Quick Baby Knits. Since a few of my friends are also expecting later this spring/summer, I am hoping this motivates me to knit some more baby stuff already!
I am still working on the handspun cowl from last week, it's gotten just a little bit longer since then:
It's kind of crazy to have the Fade finally off the needles. I need to resist the urge to start another long-term project in its place, since I'd really like to finish the Rockling Cardigan by the end of this month - a task I think is quite doable, but only if I don't get distracted by too many new projects between now and then.

Thanks for stopping by, see you back here on Friday when I share some of my most recently finished projects!

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