Friday, July 7, 2017

FO Friday: The Mystery Revealed

Over the holiday weekend, I finished my project for the June Cashmere Mystery KAL! This was a free pattern using 1 skein of June Cashmere Lace Weight yarn - you could totally do 2 skeins if you are so inclined, however! I used up nearly every bit of my 1 skein of lace to make this cowl:


That little bit of yarn is the total amount I had left over after binding off!

The reason I decided to do this MKAL is because it was choose-your-own-adventure style - that is, each week you had at least 2 stitch patterns to choose from, giving you lots of options to create a finished project you're sure to love. Here's what I did to create mine:

Crochet cast on 180 stitches and knit 1 inch of garter stitch for border, which took 8 g of yarn.

Clue 1: Six repeats of Dot Stitch pattern. Purl 1 round.
Clue 2: Two repeats of Chevron Stitch pattern. Purl 1 round.
Clue 3: Three repeats of Mock Cable Stitch pattern. Purl 1 round 
Clue 4: Two repeats of Double Diagonal Stitch pattern. Purl 1 round.
Clue 5: Rows 1-12 of Triangles Stitch pattern. 
Garter stitch for (nearly) 1 inch. 
Bind off.


So here's where I got a bit off track: I forgot to weight my yarn before starting Clue 5. In fact, I didn't remember to do so until I was halfway through the stitch pattern - at which point I discovered that I had just 6g of yarn left! Oops! 

Luckily, the halfway point for the stitch pattern I chose ended up working pretty well as the ending point, so I just switched to Garter Stitch, working as much as I dared before binding off. If I had this to do over again, I think I would have worked fewer repeats of the first clue - then everything else probably would have worked out as I intended. But, I think the resulting cowl looks great...just check out those lovely stitches:


You can still get the patterns by signing up here. I think there is also a coupon code you'll get towards your yarn purchase - I highly recommend treating yourself to some of this luscious cashmere. You deserve it!

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