Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Weaving Wednesday: Handspun Scarves Aplenty

I finished another handspun scarf, and I think I'll have to keep this one for myself because I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!


I used some commerically-made black yarn for the warp (I lost the label, it's leftover from some project!), and then the weft is a 3-ply handspun yarn that I spun from 8oz of hand-dyed BFL fiber from Nerd Girl Yarns in the #hashtag colorway.


Here's where I love the archive that both Ravelry and blogging provide: I would have never guessed that this yarn dates back to July 2014! Also, you can read more about the structure of this yarn here - it's an opposing ply, which is a little different than what I usually spin when making a 3-ply.

There's quite a bit of yarn left over, and I'm wondering if I have enough to make another scarf. But for now, I've put on a warp for another new project, which was going to be another funky destash scarf, but then I realized that the yarns from my other recent weaving projects all looked quite nice with the grey warp:


As you can imagine, I am starting to have a bit of a scarf surplus*, and thinking about selling some of them in my Etsy Shop. Not sure if any of my dear readers are interested in getting themselves a one-of-a-kind handspun scarf for themselves or their loved ones, but I would love to hear your thoughts either way. Currently, I'm wrestling a bit with pricing, and thinking about offering a discount to friends/family/blog readers...and that's as far as I've gotten!

Thanks for stopping by, I have another finished project to share with you on Friday!

*And, if I'm being honest, a handspun yarn surplus!

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  1. Beautiful scarf! Love the purple and black combo. Handspun yarns really look gorgeous woven up.