Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WIPs: Dueling Shawls

After all of the finishing I did last month, I've been holding my number of WIPs to a reasonable number, but I couldn't resist starting the Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning. It seems like everyone is going crazy for it on Instagram and Ravelry (where it's available for free)!

I'm knitting mine out of lace weight yarn: a yak and silk blend from Bijou Basin Ranch called Shangri-La. It's so shiny and lovely, and I think that the airier fabric will be a nice complement to the shiny, slinky yarn. Aren't the colors gorgeous?


After knitting several swatches with various sizes of needles, I decided to use the size called for in the pattern (US 4) so that I can still get a fairly large wrap. The difference in final wingspan was more than 10 inches from US 3 to US4 - crazy, right? Since I'm using larger needles, I have to be careful to knit slower and tighter than I am used to - usually I just fly along and let blocking take care of the rest, but my swatches showed me that the stitches will look must better after blocking if they are reasonably uniform to begin with. Challenge accepted! 


My goal is to finish in time for Wizard World here in Chicago next month; I'm not great at cosplay, so this is the closest I'll probably ever get to dressing up for a comic con! 

I haven't abandoned my Inauguration Consolation shawl; over the weekend I started knitting the second color:


Thanks for stopping by - I have another FO to share with you this Friday, see you then! 

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