Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Atypical things

Some of the newest projects I've started are mixing up my usual grey/blue/green color scheme with an unlikely hue: pink! It's not my favorite color by a long shot, but when you are knitting for people who do like pink, then working with pink yarn just comes with the territory. For example, I started these two-at-a-time socks with a skein of Long Dog Yarn I picked up at Knit 1 earlier this year:


Once I finish the never-ending Starshower gradient cowl, I'll cast on for a hat with this Rambouillet yarn that I recently bought from Shepherd's Lamb:


I'm also working on a design using a new yarn base from Bijou Basin Ranch called Himalayan Summit. Of the three variegated colors they currently have in this yarn, this is probably not the one you'd expect me to pick, but I just gravitated to it while I was in their booth at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool earlier this month. It's definitely not as pink as the other projects, but I won't be able to show you more until everything's done, but I can tell you that I am loving working with this yarn.


Over the weekend, I started a new project using some unusual (for me) yarns: I'll be making a scarf using Di Lusso, a sparkly chainette yarn, for the warp and a few skeins of Be Sweet Magic Ball for the weft, which uses various types of mohair yarns, ribbon, and I'll be sharing more about this project once it's done.

I have another finished baby sweater to share with you this Friday. Thanks for stopping by, see you then!

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