The Full Disclosure

Since I often blog about yarns, books and other knitting bits and bobs, I should probably take a moment to mention the following:

  1. Unless otherwise stated (i.e., Company X sent me this free yarn!), I purchased the products I'm writing about, or they were gifted to me by my friends and family who know all too well that yarn and knitting books are my drug of choice. Generally, if I get something for free and I like it, I'll write about it (if I have time to!). If I get something for free and I don't like it, I won't ever mention it.
  2. If I choose to write about a pattern, yarn, book, or piece of equipment, it's because I think it kicks ass, and not because I was offered money to do so. Pos-mens are just that - positive mentions of things, people and places that I think rock, and want to support with a little free advertising. I don't expect or request anything in return!  
  3. Links are added for ease of the reader, I don't get kickbacks for clicks except where noted - I am an Interweave and Craftsy affiliate. However, I am NOT an Amazon affiliate, I just really like shopping there and find it's easier to link over to books, etc. on Amazon. 
  4. I am currently working as a marketing consultant to various yarn-related companies, however, this is my personal blog and I try not to let "work life" spill over here too much.  I will try to mention if any blatant cross-promotions stuff starts to happen, and all of my blogging is done on my own time, not "on the clock," as it were. Bottom line, the folks I blog about - whether they're clients for my day job or not - would be people I'd gladly support with my business regardless. 
  5. Though I'm snarky by nature, I'll try not to dog on something I don't like too much - I'll try to keep things professional and constructive. As a designer, I appreciate when people can give me constructive feedback, and I love that the knitting community is so courteous on the whole. Having said that, I reserve the right to openly mock lame knitting puns as I see fit!
  6. All the above goes double for any non-knitting-related items.
Updated 2/21/17