Sunday, October 3, 2010

yarn con 2010

i have never gotten to attend yarn con - something always gets in the way (usually it was being broke, but quite often work has stood in the way as well).  i admit, i gave up hoping i would ever make it to one, but i should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday, as saturday was my lucky day.  i'm reticent to request saturdays off at work unless i absolutely have to, but my boss had pity on me and luck was on my side, too - all my clients were scheduled first thing in the morning.  i was out of work by 1 and on my way to my first ever yarn con! 

if only i'd brought more cash (and not needed the money in my bank account to pay rent) - so many beautiful yarns!  i think i spent my money well and have definitely enhanced both my yarn and fiber stashes.

first off, i bought this falkland roving (colorway: 'cloudy night') from pumpkinhaus - she's an indie dyer out of south bend, indiana with a great shop on etsy - my pal sam gave me some of her blue-faced leicester (bfl) roving for my birthday last year.  you may or may not remember it as my first tour de fleece project way back when, which quickly became a simple yet effective scarf.  i happened to have said scarf in my messenger bag and busted it out so she could see what became of her beautiful, beautiful fiber! 

this next bit of bfl roving is from samantha in stitches - love the color, and i especially love the name of the colorway ('thunder').  they also had some very intriguing milk spinning fiber at their booth that i kind of regret not buying. it was amazingly soft and silky, the colors were vibrant, and it's also hypo-allergenic!
 the rest of the fibery goodness was attained at one of my favorite indie dyers' booths - kitchen sink dyeworks.  i bought some bfl roving and sock yarn from ksd's renegade craft fair booth two years ago.  while i have yet to knit with the sock yarn, the roving spun up like a dream on my drop spindle (hard to remember the days before i got my wheel!). 

i picked up some more bfl roving in some nice, deep blues, and then rescued a pretty sweet skein of superwash merino sock yarn from the sale bin (photographed at left, 'tis the skein on the right) in some nice, pale neutral tones.  ten bucks!  i wish i'd bought a few more.  oh, yarny regrets....

but i certainly don't regret this soft and fancy skein of superwash merino, cashmere and nylon sock yarn (grey skein pictured to the left).  i think that wants to be something that keeps my neck warm....only time will tell. 

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