Thursday, October 14, 2010

green things (or, fast knits for the impending holiday crush)

is it that obvious that green is one of my favorite colors??
honey cowl
it's been a while since i've finished both of these projects - there's just too much to blog about these days.  i guess that's how you know knitting season is in high gear - although to be honest, i don't observe a knitting season, since i knit year-round in the true style of a hopeless addict. 

daisy cutter
at any rate, the honey cowl is complete.  this photo was a little premature (still a few ends to weave in!) but i think it's gonna do the trick for the cold, blustery winter that lies ahead of us.   this was a super-fast knit - it took me less than a week!  i probably could have finished it in a few days, if i hadn't been distracted by other projects. 

also, finally got to take some photos of the daisy cutter beret!  tyler took this one as we went on a beer run - the karate place nearby just finished a really cool mosaic, which is serving as the background.  love this hat - also another great fast-knitting project that would make a fantastic gift for you or someone you love (not that those two categories are mutually exclusive).  the pattern will be available through the rotten cupcakes etsy shop - i notice it's not there yet (although i have also knit the twisted thistle beret, and that is also a fantastic pattern!), but i'm sure any day now it will make its appearance.

if you have two days and some leftover worsted-weight yarn, you can make some of the cutest little owls ever!  the second i came across these little guys in the holiday issue of knit simple, i knew i had to make some. right away.  i literally quit flipping through the magazine and high-tailed it to the register; it was already mid-day and i wanted to get home asap and get to knitting. 

i made a few mods - ie, omitting the feet (creatures without all their limbs are extra adorable) and knitting the winds flat instead of in the round.  the full details on that last one can be found on my ravelry project page.  the main yarns i used were some leftovers of malabrigo worsted in vaa (see "daisy cutter", above!) and lorna's laces shepherd worsted in catalpa. 

this song is silly, but i did find it running through my mind as i worked on these little guys. 

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