Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Changes!

You may have noticed a few graphics appearing in my blog's sidebar.  I wanted to take just a few minutes to explain them a little better!

Recent Doodlebug Order!
First off, here's a coupon code for $5 off your order from the Doodlebug Yarn online shop - they've got a great selection of hand-dyed luxury yarns such as Malabrigo, MadelineTosh, and Skein, to name a few!  They also stock Lavishea lotion bars (one of my current obsessions), hiya-hiya needles and accessories, Soak products (I do love Cucumber Heel), Knit Picks needles, etc.  Full disclosure: they're my client!  However, I'm also a customer and can attest to the fact that their shipping rates and inexpensive (not to mention totally fair), every order I've placed has arrived quickly, heaven help me, they take PAYPAL (designer friends, be warned!!), and everything I've purchased has thrilled me to no end.  Let's take the example of my cursed Botanical Cowl.  I managed to twist the cast on TWICE, yet finish the project only to unravel it completely and start again.  The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering I purchased from Doodlebug has held up beautifully to being frogged and re-knit.  It's good stuff.

One more note about the coupon code above: besides saving $5 off your order, you're helping me to earn free yarn.  It's groovy for me, it's groovy for you, it's even groovy for the folks at Doodlebug

Item #2 on our agenda today:

Just added this recently so that those of you who feel the need have a safe/fast/easy way to toss a little yarn money my way.  I don't think there's too much more I need to say on that subject, but it there if you ever feel the need!

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One more thing: I've finally started pinning!  Come join the fun - but I should warn you, it's pretty addictive!

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