Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolve to Make Fewer Resolutions

Happy New Year!  Here's hoping 2012 is filled with considerably less turmoil than 2011.  Tyler and I both changed jobs, me for the better and him for about the same old BS, just with better pay and ruder customers.  We've been struggling to get back on our feet after both of us began last year being underemployed (he kept getting his hours cut by the evil boss at his former place of employment, my massage business died off once Massage Envy moved into the Gold Coast). We lost a friend because of a ridiculous misunderstanding.  My grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and has been rapidly declining ever since.   

On the plus side, Robin continues to hold steady and remain healthy; we're staying healthy, too, as are most of our family members (the exception being my grandfather).  Our apartment still rocks, and the friends who have stuck with us this year are super-awesome.  All good things to focus on. 

I still feel compelled to make some resolutions - there's something about the beginning of January that compels me to make ridiculous declarations!  Without further ado...

2012, I have you in my sights: 

1.  Take better care of myself.  This means - going to the doctor & dentist, remembering to take my vitamins, eating healthier, etc.

Entrelac Socks
by Eunny Jang
2.  Destash.  I'm still all about trying to use up what I have. This year I discovered how much amazing yarn and fiber has been hiding in my stash, which only strengthens my resolve to shop at the little yarn store in the back of my house!

3.  Adventures in Crock Pot Cooking.  I want to try as many new crock pot recipes as possible next year! 

4.  Learn Entrelac.  Still want to learn, I just need to find the time - a precious resource these days!

5.  Get my financial life in order.  We're still recovering from some economic hardships suffered last summer, but I'm optimistic 2012 is the year I can start to get back on my feet.

It's time to see how I did with last year's resolutions....

1.  Learn entrelac! I had the best of intentions, but that's just going to have to wait til 2012.

2.  Get my teeth cleaned.  Sorry to report I failed on this too - had neither the time nor money (nor the ability to get over my fear of the dentist).  I'm doing well, so far.

3.  Get a physical.   Also Fail.  I couldn't be more proud of myself!

Successful Socks!
4.  Start working through the design to-do list in earnest....because it keeps getting longer.  Ticked a couple of things off the list, but sadly, there is still a LOT I'd like to publish, with no time to do so in the forseeable future. 

5.  Knit Tyler a sweater.  Done!  Finally, a resolution I actually followed through on!

 6.  Master colorwork knitting.  Also done!  I successfully made a hat and a pair of socks that are able to fit on the intended wearer.  Score!

7.  As always - destash, destash, destash.Done with flying colors.  I've knit so many projects from my stash this year (38 projects tagged "destash11 in my Ravelry notebook), and I've also managed to sell off a lot of my stash as well.

OK, I didn't do so hot with the resolutions last year - 3 out of 7 is pretty terrible.  Clearly, the answer is to resolve to make fewer resolutions, right?  Either that or aim a little lower, which I think I've done this year (note the vagueness of Resolution #1 - it could mean a lot of things, right!  I'll be thrilled if I just get the occasional mani/pedi and regular haircut this year, to be honest!). 

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